As a fan of a SEC team that is NOT Florida, I admit to harboring some grudges towards Mr. Tebow from his college days.  In truth, while Tebow was racking up amateur accolades, my Mississippi teams were not exactly killing it, so it’s pretty much irrelevant.

Most of my animosity towards Tebow is probably more accurately focused on the “wunderkind” ex-coach-who-shall-not-be-named responsible for his impossibly untimely draft position.  I sincerely think that Tebow would have been available in about the 4th or 5th round, and we could have shored up some other areas.  I confess that I doubt that coach could have made a better pick in the spot he used for Tebow, so there you go.

Fast forward to Sunday- I was actually glad to see Tim come in and inject some life in to the team.  I don’t have any idea what his “intangibles” have to do with becoming a top-flight NFL qb.  I think Aaron Rodgers is the most boring individual in the world in terms of his public persona, and he’s the best in the league right now.  But, in what is becoming an obvious lost season, I think that Coach Fox and No. 7 have to audition everyone on the roster for next year.

Bright spots:  I was excited to see McGahee picked up by the Donks, and he has been what we thought he was.  He is a true workhorse between the tackles. Now that we have McGahee installed, we can use Moreno as a “Reggie Bush”-style receiver out of the backfield.  He’ll never be a feature back, but he gives you something extra to scheme for.  (Moreno is another highly hyped SEC bust; doesn’t it seem like Georgia has more overhyped non-starters in the NFL?  Massaquoi, Stafford and his impending shoulder injury, Quincy Carter, etc.).  Also, I like Daniel Fells a lot, I like Decker’s progression, and (I can’t believe I am writing this) Brandon Lloyd is actually a clubhouse leader!

Negatives:  Lots.  Moore looked great on passing downs, but got turnstiled by the Chargers.  Our run defense is atrocious, and while I didn’t expect much more from last year, I thought getting Elvis back would be somewhat helpful.  That hasn’t panned out.  Our linebackers are suspect.  I like Joe Mays, but I don’t like D.J. Williams much.  The last time he got accolades was when Al Wilson was getting schemed out of the play and giving him better looks on the field.  He’s not a side to side guy.

Takeaway:  Putting in Tebow was a bell you can’t unring.  If they try to backpedal with putting Orton back in, the fans will revolt and I think the team will too.  B. Lloyd is already vocally behind Tebow.  That’s a recipe for disaster.  It’s time to let him show what he can do over 11 games, and if he is actually starter material.

That’s my input.  Not groundbreaking, but a regular fan’s perspective.  Someone on the radio today said something to the effect of, “We’re going to lose one way or the other.  Shouldn’t it at least be more exciting?”  I kind of agree with that.

Okay, back to trial prep.