Our reputation for Public Employee Representation and defending the rights of Public Employees is known throughout the State.  Employees who are certified to their employment position within the state of Colorado hold a property interest in their job, and must be given appropriate due process before any discipline may be imposed.

We are one of the few firms in Colorado that advocates for state employees before the State Personnel Board, and in state employment matters that have not yet led to Board action, such as 6-10 disciplinary meetings. County and City employees have sought our help and guidance relating to issues of wrongful termination, gender discrimination, race and national origin discrimination and disability discrimination.

We successfully prosecute whistle-blower violation cases for employees. Our firm knows well how to defend the State of Colorado in wrongful actions against its employees.


Businesses still discriminate, but the discrimination is often more subtle than in prior years. Older workers are the new endangered species.  Workers who make claims for Workers Compensation are frequently the subject of retaliatory discharge.  There is still gender, race and national origin discrimination being practiced.  We are willing to challenge large business interests such as Safeway and Hershey Foods when they illegally discriminate against their employees, and have successfully obtained justice for clients.


Civil Rights claims take many different forms that are not always obvious to the general public. For example, our firm took a lead role in unprecedented Civil Rights litigation against the State of Colorado when it recklessly set a prescribed burn that quickly jumped its border, causing massive destruction of homes and property and the death of three homeowners in the Lower North Fork community near Conifer, Colorado. We argued, among other claims, that the state’s reckless and willful conduct was an unconstitutional “taking” of the clients property, which violated their constitutional rights. As a result of this innovative argument, we obtained compensation for our clients in excess of  Ten Million Dollars ($10,000,000.00).  Along the way, we were instrumental in changing legislation that made Colorado law more reasonable for its citizens who have been injured by state activities.

Police abuse and wrongful law enforcement activities need to be effectively addressed through litigation that publicly exposes abuse and obtains compensation for victims.   We represented an African-American citizen of Gilpin County whom law enforcement refused to protect from multiple attacks by a neighbor and others after repeated requests and obtained substantial compensation for our client.

Although there is rarely a clear path to resolution in Civil Rights claims, we use our legal acumen and tenacity to forge wins for our clients.


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