If you’re visiting this blog, the chances are high that you’ve been doing some comparison searching online at some of the different personal injury firms that offer websites and other features, like blogs. 

If that is the case, you’ve probably read through a few other blogs during your search.  Take a moment to notice the difference in this one:  it’s an actual blog, written by an actual attorney (me), about issues that come up in the law that I deal with on a daily basis.  Sometimes a post is law-related, sometimes a post is about other things.  Why do I need to point that out, you might ask?

Many of the “blogs” offered on other websites are not, in fact, blogs at all.  They are subscription-based article generators that a firm can add to their site, but the content is not drafted by anyone in the firm.  So, no one is actually blogging, they’ve just added a feature that gives a potential client the impression that they are.  Most of the time, the firm’s employees don’t have any idea of what is on their “blog”. 

This may or may not be important to you.  I think it is very important in one sense:  our firm’s mission is to give clients real representation, in a straight-forward manner, with the goal of maximizing a return for the client.  At Kiel & Trueax, we are who we appear to be.

To that end, I have a blog.  I write the blog.  I don’t subscribe to some news aggregator which automatically updates it, to give an impression to clients that I am doing something that I’m not.  Does it take some extra time?  Yes, it does.  But I enjoy doing it and hope to build trust with you by writing about my career, as well as other things that we might have in common.   

There are many, many personal injury lawyers in Colorado, and plenty to choose from in Denver.  As a person who suffers an injury, it can be overwhelming to try and pick an attorney from such a large pool.  The task is made harder by the competitive nature of advertising. 

I obviously want our internet materials to have a marketing function and to attract potential clients.  But more importantly, I want this blog to be an actual window into who I am, my career experience, and my personality so that you can have more information in your process of choosing an attorney.  In other words, I want it to be honest and insightful.  I would want that from someone I was hiring, as opposed to a pregenerated marketing ploy. 

Just some Sunday evening food for thought as I finish watching the first episode of the new season of Mad Men!

If you have been injured in a car accident, give us a call.  We are experts in many areas of collision injury, including motorcycle collisions, trucking collisions, pedestrian collisions among them.   We are also experts at identifying and litigating traumatic head injuries that can often arise from a collision.