I go out of the way on the website, www.coloradotortlaw.com, to explain that my firm’s practice is “low volume”. What does it mean, and why is that something that we stress to clients?

It’s important because of the choice an individual has to make in choosing a lawyer, and how that choice is affected by advertising today. For good or bad, personal injury law advertisments have come to dominate television, billboard and print advertising over the last several years. Advertising of that magnitude is unbelievably expensive, and has become highly competitive.

When an advertising budget becomes a major part of your business expense, you end up taking virtually every case that comes your way to feed the ad machine. The logical result of this is that many firms that spend big dollars to advertise end up with too many cases and not enough lawyers to handle them effectively.

Obviously, that’s not good for a client.

My inclination is to spend time with my clients, give an honest evaluation of a case, return phone calls promptly, get a good result, and impress them with my work ethic. I have found that this is the best advertising that I can do for myself, and I am lucky to be associated with a law firm who shares those exact values.

This approach garners less clients than if I was to try to increase commercial advertising, and that is the key to “low volume”. Our clients know that an actual attorney is handling their case from the inception, and that we are available to speak with you and will be on top of your case. Your case won’t be resolved for less than it is worth. We’ll take your case to trial to get fair value.

As simple as it sounds, it is my business model. Give me a call at (720) 694-2666, ext. 21, if you’d like to talk about a case or if you know someone who might need a new approach.