So, the Rockies are only 3.5 back in the Wild Card race after what can charitably called an incongruous season.  Just when I think they’re going to begin the fall swoon, they go 7-1, including a series win against L.A., which is a rarity.  De La Rosa looked like the pitcher that I’ve wanted him to be all season.  I think his injury at the beginning of the season just delayed his development and now we are seeing him at “midseason” form in September.  That’s fine with me.  It is key that we have a top notch lefty in the rotation.  Ubaldo needs to get to 20, and I think that it will happen.  Other than that, I don’t love our other starting arms.  Cook is a bum.

Offensively, CarGo is basically the show.  I don’t have anything particularly good to say about anyone of our sticks other than he.  Stewart is out, and was struggling mightily all season anyway.  His numbers look so-so, but I don’t think I can recall five great at-bats from him in any of my viewings all season.  I like EY and Fowler.  Barmes, meh.  Olivo seems to be trying to break out of his two month slump, which we need pretty badly.  He is not very patient in the box, and it appears that pitchers have had the book on him for a while.  It will be interesting to see if he can make a surge because he has good power, behind only CarGo and Tulo in that respect on this team.

Anyway, it’s nice to have meaningful baseball still in September.  Check back in a week, we may be out of it by then!

Broncos thoughts:  I admit that I have not paid much attention to the pre-season, but I did watch most of the Steeler game.  The third pre-season game is always the one that gives a decent taste of what we can expect from the team.

Orton looks steady, and I am quietly confident in the passing game.  Last year, it seemed like McD and the team tightened up the playbook as the year went on, and I thought that Orton’s lack of athleticism limited his ability to elevate the offense.  It reminded me of when we had Plummer and the limited arm strength took away half of the field (specifically the deep ball, which allows the safeties to cheat up and pressure the run more).

This year, the running game is a mystery.  I can’t stand Knowshon.  Not crazy about Buckhalter.  I liked what I saw from Lance Ball, although it is hard to tell because he was not working against the first team.  LenDale is a big fellow.  I think that McD is going to continue to use the Patriot style, “pass to set up the run” philosophy by spreading WR’s and using the slot receiver as a substitute for short yardage runs.  If so, maybe the running game can develop somewhat. 

My prediction on the season is 9-7.  I think that the team has many, many holes.  Many.  But, the division is just flat out bad.  I think San Diego takes a minor step back, and Kansas City takes a decent step forward.  Oakland is Oakland.  I foresee two or maybe three of the teams with 9 wins, and the head to head winner of the division games as the playoff team.  Obviously, I don’t see a wild card team in the AFC West.

That’s it for now.  Comments on how you think each of the teams’ season will play out are invited.