Some random thoughts after the weekend:

1.  World Cup-  I didn’t watch any soccer until Saturday, when I caught the extra time in the U.S.-Ghana matchup.  I saw the goal that put Ghana ahead, and it was a pretty amazing goal.  For a minute, I thought that I was going to be drawn in to the game. 

Then, Ghana spent the next 24 minutes pulling off some of the most ridiculous flops and fake injuries that I have ever seen.  When the refs didn’t do anything to counter-act the flopping, I remembered why I don’t like soccer. 

Injury time added to the end of the match doesn’t do anything to compensate for stopping in the middle of the match.  It’s a momentum killer.  Also, it appeared that the refs would give one minute of injury time per delay, even when the delay was much longer than the minute. 

After going online to see what the reaction was, most fans of the game apparently believe that the “gamesmanship” of flopping with a lead is just a minor annoyance in an otherwise great sport.  Huh.

Then I read about England getting jobbed by the refs on an obvious goal that was waved off without any review.  That closes the book on soccer for me.  If, in four years, FIFA can get some control over the players and institute some replay, maybe I will give it another chance.

2.  Garden-  We spent the weekend finishing up our veggie garden.  12 tomatoes (early girl, plum, yellow hybrid and heirloom), 6 bell peppers (green and yellow), 2 eggplant (regular and Ichiban), crook-neck squash, zucchini, pumpkin, and canteloupe are all in now.  First year to try a pumpkin, and we have just enough time to grow one before Halloween.  I enjoy the way gardening gives you a natural calendaring system and makes you look down the road.  I will try to post some pictures of the garden as it develops.

We have a ton of green flies, though, and that is gross.  Anyone have any good suggestions on getting rid of them? 

3.  Rockies– Good lord.  After the Boston series, I was hoping that the team would go to L.A. and take one, but stay close in all.  That was my realistic scenario.  That did not occur.  The offense is punchless, and I don’t know the remedy.  Stewart is frustrating; seems like he lacks confidence.  Bad error on Saturday night.  Pitching wise, I think that they should bring De La Rosa in at Cook’s spot.  Most pundits want Chacin to go back down and replace him with De La Rosa, but I think that Cook has looked weak all season.  He had a decent outing in L.A. (minus the huuuuuuge grand slam by Matsui), but other than that, he has struggled. 

That’s it, just some notes from the weekend.  I will get back on subject regarding motor vehicle accidents at some point during the week.